Marshal Ignatius Cairo

Ignatius Cairo: 28yrs old in 1700
Born: 1672 YW
Description: 6’ Tall, 199 lbs, strong build, sharp features, hairless, scared on most of his body and on the left side of his face, one blue eye and one dead-white eye
Personality: Humorless, Antagonistic, Good-Natured, Loyal, Hot-Tempered, Honorable
Spouse: Virgina Cairo (deceased)
Children: Darius and Penelope (both deceased)
Rank: Marshal, Galvinian Army
Religion: Sirrion, observer

Military Reports for Perrin Lattner

Enemies upon which to Seek Revenge

Ignatius was born to a middle class family in the coastal town of Yrgacheffe in 1672 YW. His father was a woodworker and furniture maker and a well-liked member of the community and his mother was a loving wife and homemaker. His childhood was a happy one. Being an only child, his father groomed Ignatius to take over the family business and apprenticed his son in his craft. Eventually, his parents passed on and Ignatius became the town’s premier furniture craftsman.

Feeling a void in his life from the death of his parents, Ignatius married his childhood sweetheart, Virginia and the birth of their two children, Darius and Penelope, soon followed. Life was good and Ignatius was happy.

In the late season, 1697 YW, all of this changed. It was common since the time of his Ignatius’ Grandfather for local business owners to pad the pockets of one of the local gangs for protection and peace. Throughout most of his life, he had never known this practice to even be considered nefarious, just part of the norm. Gang bosses were part of the community, well-loved in some cases. That was until the new trade highway opened. It brought business and prosperity to Yrgacheffe, but also new residents with different ideas of living. Soon the public began to speak-out against the gangs, declaring them predators and criminals. Ignatius became swept up in all of the political hype and took up a place leadership in his district, fighting against the gang bosses. Unfortunately, it was decided that he would be made an example.

Late in the night, as Ignatius and his family slept, the gangmen broke into the downstairs shop and lit the building on fire. A furniture shop takes little time to reach an inferno when lit. The townspeople fought the fire as best they could throughout the night, until the local garrison came to their aid. When the blaze was finally snuffed out, all that was left was the charred remains of the building. His family was dead and Ignatius was left with severe burns covering most of his body. The clerics of the local Temple of Mishakal did what they could, but their healing magic would not take effect for some reason. All Ignatius could remember was being pulled from the burnt wreckage by an officer and then waking up in excruciating pain.

In the months that were spent in the care of the Temple, Ignatius grappled with the hard reality of the loss of his family. News that the fire had caused a final uproar in the town, running the gangs out, brought little solace to him. He vowed that he would seek vengeance against those who had wronged him.

It was these feelings of hate and wrath that nearly swallowed the man whole, if it were not for two people, strangers at first, who visited Ignatius regularly during his recuperation. The first was young nurse and priestess. She had taken an interest in Ignatius’ case and believed that if their clerical magic was failing, she could at least ease the man’s suffering through counsel. She reminded Ignatius of his daughter. The nurse recognized a growing fascination with power of fire in the man and surmised that there was perhaps something spiritual at work. She introduced him to the teachings of Sirrion. The other visitor that frequented Ignatius’ bedside was the Captain that had rescued him from the fire. An older man and very light-of-heart, the Captain brought a sense of life back to Ignatius as their friendship grew. It was this Captain who inspired him on his next path.

With nothing left of the life he once knew, Ignatius Cairo left Yrgacheffe for the Capital city of Leoculus. He wanted to join the ranks of the military and follow in the foot-steps of his hero. The Captain was more than happy to oblige and gave his the highest recommendations, enough so to allow him admittance into Officer School within the Galvinian University, despite his age.

Ignatius excelled as a student and as an officer in training. His aggressive nature allowed him to claw above his classmates and his superiors had high aspirations for him. With access to the collected wisdoms of Galvinia, he also took the opportunity to investigate what was happening to him. Fire and flame had become ever-present for the man. He could sense it wherever it was. He loved its smell and the sting that it brought his flesh. In truth, he felt as if what was burned away in the fire was replaced by flame itself. At the University, he researched magics and beliefs and anything that would lead to answers as to what he was. He learned that there are charted lay-lines that converge at Yrgacheffe and that there had been several magical prodigies that had been born in the town. He learned of the lost study of Psionic magic and its methods of tapping an internal source of power.

It was in the final months of his education, that Ignatius discovered some terrible news: The gangboss that had ordered his death had taken exile in the Capital. The target of all of his spite and malice had been living and carrying on not blocks from Ignatius for past two years. He resolved himself of what had to be done. The night of graduation, he snuck into the man’s manor home and found the criminal in a drunken stupor in his bed. Ignatius bound him down and lit the home ablaze. He stood in the main room as the flames surrounded him. He could feel the heat on his skin and could smell the conflagration as it consumed everything. He pictured his dear family in his mind, but could not weep.

The authorities caught Ignatius as he strode from the burning building with a dead look upon his face. His superiors were ready to court-martial him despite their high hopes for his future. That was, until they had received a report from an anonymous source about a fire and an uprising in Yrgacheffe. With due consideration, they decided upon leniency, though they would have to send Ignatius away to avoid any political scandal. He was given the rank of Marshal and sent with a charter to explore the new world of Saraphiel and to report back his findings until such time as he had repaid his debt to the crown.

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Marshal Ignatius Cairo

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