Grath Ten'fel

Grath is a hadozee sailor about the "Night Tide."


Grath is a boisterous and happy fellow. He doesn’t mind too much when people stare at him because of his “odd-looking cape” but he has long ago gotten tired of talking about his past and his people. He loves to be on the deck of a ship and sailing in the open waters. Grath can easily sway people from gawking at how different he looks to gawking at his amazing abilities as a seaman. He loves games of chance and will never turn down a wager of any kind. He claims that there is little chance involved when you know what you’re doing, and he always adds with a wink “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” He once bet 10 platinum dragons on whether a gull would land on the foresail or the aftsail. And he won.


Grath Ten'fel

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