Garus Moor

Garus is an able-bodied seaman about the "Night Tide".


Garus Moor is a harsh, hard-spoken man. He is a tall, lean and sinewy with darkened skin from many days without shade and dark hair to match. He has a perpetual stubble about his neck and chin. He likes to spar with his crewmates to keep in shape and prefers bare knuckled boxing to the use of weapons. Thus he typically can be found wearing a few bruises or a black eye along with his favored red handkerchief cap and long sword. A long, jagged scar runs across his upper torso from left to right. He claims this was his trophy after he fought a fierce battle with a gnoll warlord in single combat which lasted for an entire day. From the unflinching look in his eye and the utter grimness of his voice as he tells this story (which he likes to tell often) most either peg Garus as very good actor or more likely the very last person they would wish to trifle with on any given day.


Garus Moor

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