Welcome to High Seas of Saraphiel!

Have ye come here for high adventure? The kind that can only be found with a cutlass in yer hand or at another’s neck? Have ye come looking for riches, untold? The kind none ’ave ever laid eyes on and which may bring ye a curse along with a few more mugs of rum? Or have ye just stumbled here by accident? Eh? Watch yerself! Ye might just find yerself walking the plank! Aye!!
Through this portal, ye will find the tales of a swarthy group of newly, press-ganged privateers, aye, as they explore the “New World” of Saraphiel.
This new world is home to many undiscovered races and civilizations. Every island, inlet and reef are, as yet, unmapped by our sailors. Each new port brings a decision: shall we trade or shall we raid!? Every bit o’ treasure is ready to be taken! But only by those that have the brass to take ’em!
But it won’t be easy, no. The sound of impending attacks follow closely behind each crashing wave against the ship’s bow. While this mutineering crew member that walks the plank, a fellow pirate may be lurking in the shadows with a dagger aimed at yer back… And just past that next reef… Just on the far side of that mist-shrouded island… Just beyond the silhouette of that ship on the horizon… New adventures await! With new perils to face! And new treasures to be hoarded! Bring on the rum or bring on me death! ARRR!!

High Seas of Saraphiel

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