Lt. Alexander Taldarin

A young Eagle Knight in service to the Amarr Nation. Lives life for glory and honor.


La rochelle by radojavor_
La Rochelle. The home I knew for so long… Will I ever see her again? Will I ever see Garvaon or Pelleus again? What of the men I lost? To think they had not even risen arms to the evil that awaited us so villainously. Athos, dear old man, what have I done? Is this some sort of second life granted by one of the Four Gods to allow me to regain my honor? I will rise to the challenge.

Alexander was hand picked as a child to be trained as an Eagle Knight, warriors trained by the Amarr Nation once a generation to scout the horizons. Among the most important roles of the Eagle Knight is that of guardian for the sages that sailed on Horizon Walkers.

When Athos graduated to Sage he hand picked Alexander, Garvaon, and Pelleus as his Guardians. He oversaw their training and education from a young age. The boys became like brothers, Athos like a father.

After years in uncharted lands, exploring new lands and waters, battling evil, Alexander and his shipmates grew to be hardened men. Alexander’s exceptional courage and leadership earned him a quick promotion to Lieutenant. The mission to the tomb of the mummy was the first under his command. This left half a dozen men under his command, and a Sage in his care.

Lt. Alexander Taldarin

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